Keaykolour, the range of
premium quality coloured
papers and boards,

has long been an inspiration to artists
and designers looking for original solutions
with a natural and authentic feel. In the
spirit of constant innovation, the brand has
been rejuvenated, providing inspiration
through its environmental commitment as
well as through its impressive aesthetics.


What the range gives you:


  •  Impressively rigid papers and boards with a high quality feel.
  •  Uniquely and subtly texturedpapers and boards.
  •  A range of intense colours
  •  A highly sustainable range : 30% & 100% Recycled , “Upcycled” fibres
  •  Largest assortments of “looks”: textures and effects
  •  Extremely versatile papers and board that are a great support for all techniquesand applications.
  •  Sterling reputation
  •  All ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accredited
  •  Special makings available (minimum order 2 tonnes)
  •  Print using fully oxidising inks (Touch requires UV inks)
  •  Matching envelopes