Inspired by Green technology


If you are looking for a 100% recycled paper with high
whiteness and outstanding printability, look no further...
The environmental elements of Cocoon result in a fascinating
transformation process, producing very high whiteness and
providing a platform for the creation of outstanding coloured print.

Cocoon has been designed to offer unique solutions and add
value for customers - enabling you to demonstrate that respect
for the environment is a real priority.




Discover the unique benefits of Cocoon:

  • High Whiteness – unique to the recycled paper market thanks to the highly innovative chlorine-free process. This high level of whiteness is only previously experienced with virgin fibre papers.
  • It loves ink! It offers outstanding printability, reproducing vibrant images accurately and consistently, every time.
  • Sustainable -  It is produced from 100% post-consumer recycled pulp and it is FSC® certified. Less energy and water are consumed and fewer CO2 emissions are produced during manufacturing, compared to the production of virgin fibre paper.
  • Suitable for Digital printing: HP Indigo certified and compatible on dry toner digital presses (see compatibility chart).
  • Wide variety of 100% recycled products, from coated papers to cutsize, to cover all types of applications and printing technologies.




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